Becoming A Better You
Becoming A Better You

Professional Development Training

Helping you and your staff develop stronger life practices

Dr. Epps, Founder and Owner of Becoming A Better You, is a professional development trainer. She is presently a contract development trainer with WorkPlace Options conducting face to face and webinar trainings to city employees, university departments and their employees on varying topics. The trainings are to improve emotional wellness, improve team development, and building and promote overall staff and company organizational functionality.

Here are a few of the offer trainings I have completed thus far this year ...

Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace.

Mindfulness Matters.

Suddenly, You're A Caregiver.

The Science of Interpersonal Relationships.

Communicating Change to Employees.

Diversity in the Workplace: Maintaining An Inclusive Environment.

Bullying: Confronting Hostility in the Workplace.

Recognizing A Troubled Employee.

Conflict Management for Supervisors and Managers.

Maintaining Respect and Civility in the Workplace.

Self-Care: Remaining Resilient.